Biblical Soul Care

We believe God desires for Doxa Church to be a place where quality, biblical, gospel-centered, and Christ-exalting counseling takes place.  Rather than see a disciple at Doxa walk away from their church to seek help when faced with issues of overcoming sin in their life, walking through suffering, or struggling through relational conflict, it is the church’s responsibility to care for their own in times of need - helping them grow and change into the image of Christ.

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Biblical Counseling Class

We believe that the body of Christ is God’s primary context for change. God uses His church; it’s this gospel community that God uses to transform his people. We seek to equip the church through counseling, teaching, and training to understand better how Christ and His gospel speak to all of life. 

This class will help you understand people biblically and how the Gospel enables true change. You will also have the opportunity to work out how to put this Gospel-driven model to use in the immediate context in which God works change: relationships within the body of Christ. 

Registration is currently closed for the Biblical Counseling Class this season, but you may fill out this interest form and we will be in touch once the next registration opens! 



If you are a Small Group Leader and need help connecting someone to biblical counseling or if you have specific questions about the counseling process please email