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Archives for February 2015

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The How and Why of Prayer, Recap part 2

After Jesus gives us the how of prayer by giving a model, or template, on mature prayer to aim for, he turns his attention to some of the "why" of prayer. To be sure, no single passage, book, or sermon says all there is to say about prayer, so I won't pretend that this says it all. But it would help us if we press in to what Jesus presses upon our hearts. Why should we pra...

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The How and Why of Prayer: Recap part 1

Prayer is something we all need help with. Whether we just want to get started praying, or need to believe God that he hears and responds to our prayers, or anything else related to prayer, there's much growth to be had. Fortunately, Jesus gets it. His disciples ask him in Luke 11:1-13 to teach them to pray, and Jesus gets right to work. He gives a model prayer that while ...

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Don’t Let Your Life Speak Louder than God’s Word


As we see our lives play out, we spend much of our time trying to make sense of what we watch unfold. But wouldn't you agree that your perspective on the interpretation of your life is limited? Despite our limited understanding, we still tend to poorly interpret our circumstances and come to believe that God is not good or that somehow God is not for us. What's happening t...

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Learning to Rejoice in the Gospel

What do you find yourself rejoicing in these days? A good dinner? A nice glass of wine? Perhaps a beautiful sunset, waves crashing on the beach, a glorious view of Lake Tahoe, or a baby being born. What are the sorts of things that make your heart full of joy, full of awe or inspiration? Those are things you rejoice in. We all rejoice in things; I would even argue we rejo...

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My Wife is My Best Friend

Tomorrow is my 8 year wedding anniversary to the love of my life, Noelle Marie Ritter. It's hard to believe that 8 years ago we began a family of two. These days, with a family of 3 and so much attention going to our awesome son Colton, it's all too easy to spend less time cultivating a great marriage. I am a man tremendously blessed to have a wife who is also my best frie...

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