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Doxa's Philosophy of Missions

What do we mean by "missions"? First of all, it's important to note that opinions on "missions" in the Church vary widely, which is why the elders at Doxa Church have seen fit to clarify a philosophy of missions in accordance with the Scriptures. Second of all, you'd be hard-pressed to find the word "mission" or "missions" or "missionaries" or "missional" in our t...

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He is Not Distant, He is God


Wow, the last three months working at Harvest have been such an adventure! First, let me begin by sharing how I got here and the Lord's hand in it all: It was November of 2014, and I had been serving for four years as a worship minister in Breckenridge, Colorado. After years of life, ministry, and ups and downs, I felt the Lord asking me to step down from my position on ...

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Vision for Worship at Harvest


My vision for Biblical Worship at Harvest is to encourage, develop, and raise up true worshippers who worship the Triune God in spirit and truth within all aspects of life; that we might be a people who grow in our understanding of God and respond by making much of Him with our lives not just music....

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An Unashamed Life


Rob Maxey was a friend to as many people as he could meet. He was tireless in his service in God's Kingdom, relentless in his pursuit of teenagers for the sake of Jesus, and abounding in hope and joy and love that came from a heart captivated by the good news that Jesus forgives sinners and changes lives for eternity. He is and will be deeply missed. ...

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My First Two Months In Ministry


After reflecting on my first months in ministry, I considered talking about my newly learned tips for Student Ministry: Student Engagement: Show them you're not afraid to be the goofy one, wear it like a badge of honor (like showing off all the nerdy memorabilia that you have in your house, if you don't have any I've got more than enough to lend out). The Perfect Pizza S...

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3 Lessons, 3 Years


How could I encapsulate the top 3 lessons learned in the past 3 years at Harvest? Answer: I can’t. So, I’m ditching the idea of “top” 3 lessons, and instead want to put forward the following 3 lessons that we’ve learned at Harvest. There have just been too many lessons to count, some more significant than others. But for your consideration…...

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Thank You for Three Years


As I reflect back on 3 years of ministry at Harvest, my heart is overwhelmed with thankfulness. Were I to speak of every form of thankfulness that has welled up in my heart, I would likely never stop writing. So in light of three years of ministry, I wanted to speak of my thankfulness in 3 ways......

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15 Years Later: Reflecting on God’s Faithfulness after my mother’s death


My mother died on August 14, 2000, after a long battle with Non Hodgkin’s lymphoma. I was 16 at the time, about to begin my junior year of high school, and suddenly without the strongest spiritual influence in my life to that point. My mother fought valiantly and was full of faith in the Lord, knowing both that he could heal her at any moment but also that his purposes w...

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What Does an Associate Pastor Do?

"What do you do?" This question was posed to me by a teenager at Harvest last week. I had hired 2 students to help me move some things from my house to the dump in Lincoln, and while we were driving one of them asked me what my job was. When I told him I worked full time at Harvest as the Associate Pastor, he looked a little confused and then asked (politely), "What do you...

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The How and Why of Prayer: Recap part 1

Prayer is something we all need help with. Whether we just want to get started praying, or need to believe God that he hears and responds to our prayers, or anything else related to prayer, there's much growth to be had. Fortunately, Jesus gets it. His disciples ask him in Luke 11:1-13 to teach them to pray, and Jesus gets right to work. He gives a model prayer that while ...

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