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Doxa Church COVID-19 Update: 4/22/2020

Today I want to give you guys an update for what the month of May is looking like for our Church. It's safe to say that we will begin May the way April has been, having Sunday Worship, Small Groups, Doxa Students, etc. online. We are hopeful that the number of people that can gather together in California will grow as the month goes on, and we can move forward with meeting together.

As far as we can tell, health officials have started watching for certain markers. Once those are met over a period of two weeks, we may be allowed to begin meeting together in smaller groups, beginning with groups of 10. This would allow us to divide up to start seeing people face to face. This may also allow people to invite others over for the Sunday service to worship together, to pray together, and to fellowship together.

We are hoping that this can happen as early as the first couple of weeks of May, and then the criteria will be met to raise the bar to the meeting of 50. That would allow us to get back into meeting in person for all small groups, and a lot of our classes could continue. We see a lot of our ministry outside of the corporate gathering moving forward in person at that point.

We are ultimately looking for the 250 number mark to be approved—and we hope, God willing, that it comes next. If it does, we're going to be as aggressive as possible while being safe to get us back to meeting together for worship on Sundays. We have started to brainstorm what that might look like, if we will need more services and ways we need to alter our typical Sunday to accommodate the new health guidelines.

I will never look at gathering as a church the same. What a gift. What a privilege. I can't wait to be together again, looking forward to the days to come. Love you Church.

- Pastor Scott