More Resources on Social Justice and the Gospel


We want this page to be a resource for you to continue to learn, to be transformed by the renewing of your mind, and to be prepared to live as a faithful witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ during these times.  This is by no means an exhaustive list, but we pray it will be a valuable tool for you to have a deeper understanding of the issues at hand. Finally, we hope that you are able to gain a greater awareness of how subtle, yet how serious, the differences can be between a version of the “social justice gospel” compared to the beauty of a God glorifying, biblically faithful, true presentation of the gospel.


Blogs and Articles:

Coronavirus and the Carnival of Judgment

George Floyd and Me

God’s Word in Godless Times, or the Appearance of Godliness in Signaling Virtue

Minneapolis is Burning and Black Privilege

On the Prescription of Secular Analytical Tools

Pagan America Dressed in Christianity

Race/Ethnicity: Explanation on the Statement on Social Justice

Racism: The Sticker on the Rotten Fruit



Ethnic Gnosticism, Voddie Baucham

Defining Social Justice, Voddie Baucham

"Gospel Freedom” by Trinity Evangelical Church 

Hollow and Deceptive Philosophies, Tom Ascol 

Racial Reconciliation, Voddie Baucham

White Privilege: The New Original Sin, Tom Ascol


Audio and Video content:

America Needs a Dad - The Sword and the Trowel Podcast

America’s New Religion… and how to stay Christian - The Sword and the Trowel Podcast

Crucial Conversations: Justice, Race, and the Gospel - Great Commission Collective

George Floyd and the Gospel - Just Thinking Podcast

Racial Reconciliation? - Just Thinking Podcast

When Forgiveness Isn’t Woke Enough - Just Thinking Podcast

Whiteness - Just Thinking Podcast

Why I can’t support #BlackLivesMatter and I don’t think you should either - podcast #19