Romans 12:3-8 Devotional

Start by reading Romans 12:3-8

Last week we got an excellent preface to our text today. We were reminded of all the doctrine Paul poured out in chapters 1-11, and how we are to respond to those teachings by living holy, sacrificial lives in service to God according to His will, which is found in His word. 

Right out the gate in verse 3, Paul pulls the Apostle trump card basically saying, “by the power vested in me by God to speak with divine authority, don’t think too highly of yourself, but rather rightly evaluate the portion of giftings God has bestowed upon every individual.” The basic principle we find here is that although in Jesus “the fullness of deity dwells” (Col. 1:19) and that “in [him] are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge” (Col. 2:3), for us, that fullness is dispersed across the entirety of the church, with no one person being able to tackle every single office or every realm of service. For this reason, we are commanded to carefully and humbly esteem the portion the Lord has blessed each of us with. 

Something worthy of mention: Properly employing each of our individual God-given skill-sets is not a free pass to ignore the ways in which Scripture commands every Christian to do things on, or associated to the items on, this list (vv. 6-8). Just because God didn’t bless you with a philanthropic heart, does not mean you should skip tithing. Don’t skip tithing! Likewise, just because you don’t have a knack for teaching, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t educate your lost loved ones on what we as Christians know to be true. Preach. The. Gospel.

However, to try to do more than we are called to do is nothing short of sinful pride. If I’m called to be an encourager and a giver and not a pastor, then my telling a pastor how he should preach his sermons, is completely outside of my wheelhouse! God gave him that role, and God knows what He’s doing. On the flip side, if we neglect the gifts we are given, we are failing to see the grace God has extended to each of us and that awesome responsibility that comes along with it. In this we spit in the face of our Maker. 

With all that being said, my challenge for you is this: How could you be utilizing the talents and resources that God has given you for His glory, in this season? I’d encourage you to meditate on this passage and to take it up with the Lord in some serious heartfelt prayer. Ask the Holy Spirit to illuminate the shadowy corridors of your heart where you might be stubbornly impeding the work the Father has set aside just for you to do. We all have a job. I’m not meant to do yours the way the Lord designed you to do it, and you’re not meant to do mine. Our perfect example, Jesus fulfilled his duty unto death, so that we might be reconciled to the Father and gain this very opportunity for obedience that we’re discussing today. Might we serve with eager hearts, with cheerful attitudes, and with compassion for our neighbor.