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Walk: Following Jesus together


At every Step 2 event we do at Harvest, Pastor Scott gets to the section on Walking with Christ and asks the group, "What comes to mind when you think of 'walking'?" What always follows is an interesting (and sometimes creative!) dialogue about the kinds of connections between physically walking and our spiritual "walk". "It's a slow process, not a fast race", "You take time to observe things when you're walking", "Anyone can do it", and "It's better with people" are common and good answers people give.

At Harvest, "walking with Christ" is the process by which you consistently grow as a disciple in community, growing in your love for Jesus and other people. Being a disciple is never a one-person show. You follow Jesus personally, yes. But you don't follow Jesus alone. Jesus gathered 12 men to be his closest disciples, and he also had many others, all of whom walked alongside one another as they followed Jesus - literally while he was on earth, and then spiritually following him together after his death, resurrection and ascension.

Walking with Jesus in community is just as relevant today as it ever has been. But all too often, churches grow to the point where it becomes impossible to know each person by name, let alone have a personal relationship with them. This is certainly true of Harvest. We regularly have over 450 people attending Sunday services, so how can a person legitimately say they are "walking with Christ in community" when they simply can't know all the people that attend the same church?

This is precisely why we say that Harvest is a church of small groups. From the beginning, we have unreservedly and very intentionally told people that the #1 way for them to belong at Harvest is to join small group. We are not a church that has many ministries, one of which is small groups. We are a church of small groups, and then we also have good, valuable, and growing ministries for people to be involved.

I still remember attending my first small group, led by Pastor Scott and his wife Erin, in January 2014. It was 1 of the first 5 original small groups, and it was a phenomenal time getting into God's Word and growing in community. Fast forward 3 years and we now have 18 small groups with several Leaders in Training getting ready to lead their own groups. These groups are led by people with a strong desire to personally grow and help others grow into more mature, loving, humble people following Jesus.

If you're not in a small group at Harvest, you are missing out on the single best way for you to feel deeply connected and genuinely loved at Harvest, as well as your best opportunity to be involved in the discipleship process of many other people. I can promise you this: While you won't find a single perfect small group at Harvest, you will find a group who will welcome you warmly, love you genuinely, and walk alongside you as you follow Jesus.

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