Why Are We Doing a Ministry Fair?

A few months ago, the idea was brought up to do a “ministry fair” for our church. After some discussion, we settled on late April as a great date to let people know about the ministries we have at Harvest and how people can get involved. The reasons for putting on a ministry fair are simple:

1. Harvest is growing.

2. Because we’re growing, our opportunities for involvement are growing.

3. Because we’re growing, our needs for serving are growing.

4. Because we’re growing, lots of people do not know about all the ministries, or who the leaders may be, and how they can be a part of our ministries.

5. There is a food truck named Bacon MANia in Sacramento and we needed an excuse to have them come to an event.

OK that last one wasn’t exactly a great reason to do the ministry fair, but it’s still pretty awesome!

The bottom line is that, by God’s grace, Harvest has a ton going on and you need to know about it. If you’re a “Harvest lifer” (meaning you’ve been around a whopping 18 months or more) or a total Harvest newbie, we need you there and you need to be there. Come and get lunch at the food truck, hang out for a while, meet someone new, visit a new ministry (many have games and/or prizes they’re giving away), and enjoy a beautiful afternoon at Ronald Feist Park. The event is immediately after church, and the park is right around the corner from Granite Bay HS – just follow the long line of cars if you don’t know where you’re going. You WON’T be disappointed!