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Doxa Gives is an effort we have undertaken each year in December to give generously above and beyond to bless ministry partners that are doctrinally aligned with our church through a one-time financial gift to support the Gospel work they are doing in our community and throughout the world. Everything we take in during Doxa Gives goes back out immediately to the organizations selected.

This year we going to give to 4 organizations near and dear to Doxa. 

Sierra Health & Pregnancy – Sierra Health & Pregnancy provides support for those experiencing reproductive loss, families struggling with pregnancy decisions, and people who chose life but are struggling financially to provide for their baby. Funding this year will increase the hours of operation which will allow them to reach women and men who are unable to come during normal daytime hours.

The Union Gospel Mission Sacramento – UGM Sacramento provides care for those who are homeless and in need of food and shelter and those who have made a decision to get off the streets and reclaim their life from addiction and sin. They estimate that 100-150 people will attend their Christmas outreach on December 21st and we aim to provide sleeping bags and jackets for each person. 

Eden Academy – The mission of Eden Academy is to raise children with a sound education that is biblically based and God-honoring. They are in need of tables and desks for students to replace temporary folding tables and chairs as well as additional funding for teachers and staff.

The Shepherd's Church: Folsom Church Plant - Help support their launch fund as they seek to launch in Spring 2023.

This Christmas, please consider giving generously above and beyond toward Doxa Gives and partner with us as we work to aid in disciple-making locally this Christmas season. You can donate on our app or online by selecting the Doxa Gives drop down and the funds will be distributed to the selected organizations.

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