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Summer Schedule

For June and July Doxa Students is still happening! We take advantage of the summer months by having some special events. Checkout the posted schedule to see all the events we are doing (Summer Camp, Small Group Night Out, Workshops, Prayer & Worship, and more). Nights that are listed are in our standard operating hours (7pm - 9pm). Wednesdays that are OFF might have alternative events at different times occurring that week; subscribe to the Parent Newsletter to stay informed.

June 22, 2023

Summer Schedule

Series: Summer Schedule

June 5, 2024

Rapid Fire

Speaker: Zak Graves Series: Student Takeover Topic: Rapid Fire

May 29, 2024


Speaker: Michael Pagan Series: Student Takeover Topic: Denominations Passage: John 17:20–7:23

May 22, 2024


Speaker: Issac Van Epps Series: Student Takeover Topic: Depression

May 15, 2024

Final Greetings And Warnings

Speaker: Matthew Klinsmann Series: Romans Passage: Romans 16

May 8, 2024

Away with Division - Be Filled with Hope

Speaker: Clayton Clark Series: Romans Topic: Unification Passage: Romans 15

May 1, 2024

Unifying The Weak & Strong Believer

Speaker: Eli Sabbagh Series: Romans Topic: Unification Passage: Romans 14:1–14:23

April 24, 2024

Gods Law & Order

Speaker: John Houston Series: Romans Topic: Law & Order Passage: Romans 13:1–13:14

April 3, 2024

Gender Roles

Speaker: Zak Graves Series: Student Takeover Topic: Gender Roles

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