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Catechism is one of the most ancient practices of the church in which disciples, often children, memorize answers to questions which teach the basic doctrines of the faith. And you may not know it, but your kids are being catechized right now. Every TV show, movie, book, video game, friend, and YouTube video is teaching them answers to the biggest questions, answers which will shape the way they view the world for the rest of their lives.

That means we need to launch a counter-attack. Sarting in 2023, Doxa will begin to run one-year cohorts through a great little resource called New City Catechism. In these cohorts, you will join with other parents in catechizing your children. You’ll have access to pastors and each other for support, you’ll memorize one question a week, and the process will culminate in a “graduation” ceremony where your kids answer a few questions, and then we celebrate their success! It will be a lot of fun, and more importantly, it will give your kids the doctrinal foundation they need to think well about the world.

We chose NCC because it’s theologically rich, it’s accessible for even the youngest kids, and it’s broken up into 52 questions, so you can do one per week, and it’s totally free. It even has an awesome app with devotionals, explanations, prayers, and a song for each question.

So join us to do the work of teaching your kids sound doctrine, giving them the foundation in God’s word that they need to read and understand their Bibles, grow into a rich faith in Christ, and face an increasingly hostile world.

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Why Don’t We Do Baby Dedication Anymore?

Since the beginning of our life as a church, baby dedication has been a regular and cherished part of our worship. What could be more sobering and inspiring than bringing up parents in front of the congregation, squirming babies in arm, to commission them to fulfill the requirements of Deuteronomy 6:7-9 and Ephesians 6:4?

And yet, as pastors, we have decided that we should not continue with this practice.

Why would we make that decision? The answer is simple: we couldn’t find any theological or biblical warrant for these dedications, and the historical warrant is pretty shaky. We love the babies and families here at Doxa, and we want to come alongside you and help make sure your children are raised in the Lord. By introducing catechism, we are doubling down on our commitment to aid you in the discipleship process.

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