TylerWeb2Tyler, also known as Omar, grew up near Cincinnati, Ohio. In 2003 he moved to Peru and trained as an international church planter. While there, he met Gretchen, and in 2004 they got married. They continued to work in South America until 2009 when they moved to a Spanish enclave inside North Africa. In 2013 the Lord moved them to another region nearby where they planted two churches: one international and the other Arabic. In 2021 they moved to California with their 4 children, Norah, Judson, Yaelle, and Roman. That October they became members of Doxa Church. Tyler is excited about working in a church passionate about glorifying Christ through making disciples of all nations and cultivating a love for missions and facilitating opportunities to actively participate in the Great Commission. In his spare time, he likes walking, hiking, or just sitting in the woods (especially if there's snow) and studying world history.