Mission: Doxa Students exists to glorify God by making disciples. We do this by focusing on our three values of Biblical Literacy, Leadership Posture, and Integrated Faith. (Grades 7th - 12th)

Leadership: Zak Graves (Next Generation Pastor), Michael Pagan (Next Generation Associate Pastor), Katie Nolan (Student Discipleship Lead)

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Wednesdays: Worship Center 7pm-9pm

Games / Worship / Study / Small Group

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12/7 - Biblical Theology: Water - Church

12/14 - Biblical Theology: Water - New Creation

12/21 - Christmas Party

12/28 - OFF - Christmas


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Have you ever wondered why so many stories in the Bible center around water? The waters of creation, the flood, the red sea, the creatures of the deep, the waters of baptism - they all share a common theme. But what is it? Join us for a 10-week study of this key biblical theme, where you will learn how to read your Bible thematically and discover how important water is in the story of the gospel.