How We're Gathering Safely

How can I attend Doxa in this season?

We have two ways to gather:

1)  You can gather with us in the Worship Center at 9am or 11am.  Doxa Kids is available for babies through 6th grade at both services. 

2)  You can gather in your home to watch our Livestream on YouTube or Facebook, which starts at 9:00am and is immediately available for playback anytime.


What health/safety measures are being taken?

We expect everyone to take strict personal health measures in assessing if they are able and ready to attend church in this season. If you are sick with any symptoms of illness including fever, cough, shortness of breath, or aches and chills, please stay home. If you have received a positive diagnosis of Covid-19, do not attend church in person for at least 10 days as a courtesy to others and to take care of your own health.  If you have been exposed to someone who has a positive diagnosis of Covid-19, please also do not attend church in person for at least 10 days.

In our worship center, we have excellent room ventilation. You may exit from any door in the room directly outdoors. The 11am service has ample space for anyone desiring to be in the room but wanting to ensure social distancing to the best of their ability.

Additionally, we have many hand sanitization locations on campus and we ask everyone to regularly wash their hands.  Face coverings are welcome and are available to anyone desiring to wear one. They can be found near the main entrance, outside if the weather permits or directly inside if it is raining.