Salt and Light Missions Update


In January 2019, a team of ten people from our Church went down to Redondo Beach, CA to help Salt and Light Church with one of their first preview services. Salt and Light is a new church that we have had the privelidge of partnering with that is also part of the GCC (Great Commission Collective).  Their pastors Jody and Byron visited our church in September to cast a vision of why they were planting a church in the South Bay of Los Angeles. You can watch a video of that here.

650AC86E-6979-4E35-AE6F-F042174B3108We were there with Salt and Light for four days and the primary goal was to get exposure for the church and their preview service. We were able to go door to door to over two-thousand homes in the area to hand out informational flyers as well as doing surveys asking the local people what they were looking for in a church.

We had some great opportunities to share the love of Jesus with people, as well the privilege of praying for them. I was so blessed and encouraged by our teams heart to help Salt and Light Church in anyway we could, but also the eagerness we showed in sharing Christ’s love to the people in the area.

FD9125EB-F641-40EC-9B8E-8726E82AF8A4On Sunday about 150 people came to the preview service! This was a huge success for the churches growth and a great platform to share the gospel with all who were there. Please continue to pray for Salt and Light Church and the pastors Jody and Byron. It’s a tall task they're taking on so pray for them to be encouraged in Christ each day and for the continued ministry, health, and growth of Salt and Light Church in Redondo Beach.

97FF6726-ECBB-456F-A84D-8AF21B78E39B"The most impactful part of the trip for me was evangelizing and sharing the gospel on the esplanade at the beach. Mostly, the fact that my mind was focused on "things of the Spirit" for a contiguous 4 days without much time at all spent on common things or my own desires. I was truly blessed." - Tom Caldie

"My favorite part of the trip was being able to make connections with strangers that I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to meet and share the gospel with. Just seeing how God works in the lives of those who are (and especially those who aren’t) Christians was amazing."- Kelsey Hertzell

"I loved our team and seeing the preview service for Salt and Light come together! Watching God move through Jody and Byron, and seeing their faithfulness in action over the weekend was inspiring." - Mary Novak

846EACD3-5771-47C9-947E-4CB164B1226E"It was great getting to know Jody and Byron as we handed out invites, talked to people, and prepared for the church service.  Another great part was getting to know all the wonderful people that came.  I got to room with Tom and it was fun talking about all kinds of things related to the gospel, church, Jesus, and ideas for the future.  We all got along really well and enjoyed serving Christ together.  It was a great trip and one I will always remember.  Praise God!" -Jay Lawrence