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URGENT: Elder Update About This Weekend 3/15/2020

Doxa Church, We want to let you know how we are responding to recent news about Coronavirus in our area, and urge you to think biblically while taking every thought captive for God's glory. First, we want to acknowledge thatCOVID-19has recently reached a new phase in Placer County called "community spread," and official recommendations from the county and state have chan...

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Vision Night : January 2020

We're in a what? God has entrusted us with a great stewardship here with our building, and we want to use it to glorify God by making disciples. So how will that look going forward? What are we thinking about and capable of in the short and long term? How can you be involved? All that and more was covered in our 2020 Vision Night! Read the PDF Transcription...

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Biblical Counseling at Doxa


What is Biblical Counseling? Biblical counseling is an approach to helping people through dependence on, and application of, the Bible as the highest authority and sufficient source for transformation in people's lives. Within a local church, it is rightly understood as part of the discipleship process. It could even be thought of as "intensive discipleship" - entering ...

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The Enneagram: Time Wasted or Truth Revealed?


The Enneagram is a very popular self-assessment tool in the fields of psychology, business, and even many Christian communities today. The word comes from the Greek words Ennea (Nine) and Grammos (Written symbol). The goal of understanding the Enneagram, or "knowing your number" is to understand yourself better so that you can relate in more healthy ways to yourself, other...

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Salt and Light Missions Update


In January 2019, a team of ten people from our Church went down to Redondo Beach, CA to help Salt and Light Church with one of their first preview services. Salt and Light is a new church that we have had the privelidge of partnering with that is also part of the GCC (Great Commission Collective). Their pastors Jody and Byron visited our church in September to cast a vis...

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Fasting : Fall 2018

Starting in September, two incredible opportunities are coming your way for you to engage with the Lord on a deeper level with the Harvest community. First, we are encouraging weekly fasting on Fridays. Second, and in conjunction with Fasting Fridays, we are asking all who call Harvest home to join us on the last Sunday of each month for an evening of celebration and p...

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Deacons: Role, Qualifications, and Responsibilities

Deacon Role: Why does a church appoint deacons? 1. The office of deacon is one of two offices given in the New Testament (Phil 1:1): a. Elders/pastors/overseers - oversee doctrine, discipline, and direction. Elders serve as the spiritual under-shepherds who persist in sound teaching, prayer, and shepherding (Titus 1:5-9; 1 Tim 3:1-7; Heb 13:17). b. Deacons - take ...

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Recommended Reading for Anchored Series


Recommended Reading List from our Anchored Series General Theology Books Systematic Theology by John M. Frame Biblical Doctrine edited by John MacArthur and Richard Mayhue Systematic Theology by Wayne Grudem Essential Truths of the Christian Faith by R.C. Sproul Systematic Theology by Louis Berkhof A New Systematic Theology of the Christian Faith by Robert Reym...

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Meeting Jesus at the Feast: A Christ-Centered Passover


This year, Harvest is hosting a Christ-Centered Passover feast through our small groups. This will be an incredible opportunity to experience with fresh eyes the kind of food and tradition that the disciples experienced the night Jesus was betrayed and crucified. Each small group will be provided with key elements that are more unique or harder to find (a lamb bone and unl...

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What is Biblical Counseling?


When people think of"counseling", there are any number of things that go through their head. Some people mistakenly think ofcounseling like psychotherapy, with someone layingon a big brown leather couch and a doctor with a notepad scribbling thoughts. Others think of being in a room face to face, one on one, with someone who is going to ask them to search their inner child...

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